Blueberry Rabbit Family (Custom)

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The Blueberry Family is a custom made family, created by painting pre-loved Chocolate and Snow Warren rabbits. This is not an official family. If you would like to know more about the process, there is a tutorial on the Greenbearshire blog, as well as an update and a post about the wedding couple.

Grandfather Navy Blueberry loves playing both kinds of music – blues and bluegrass! He can often be found on front porches, gardens, and stages throughout Greenbearshire, playing various stringed instruments (guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukelele) for appreciative audiences(such as Rusty Wildwood). As a younger rabbit, Navy served in the Sylvanian River Patrol with his good friend Rhys Chocolate, and often makes up songs about their adventures together, as well as the legendary beauty, kindness, and cooking skill of his wife, Azura.

Grandmother Azura Blueberry has a wonderful voice and sings with the love of her life, Navy. When not busy with music, she can be found creating amazingly delicious dishes featuring the family’s homegrown blueberries. She can cook and bake everything from blueberry muffins to blueberry barbecue salmon to blueberry ketchup for fried potatoes. Azura is also close friends with Pearl Babblebrook and is the local expert at kindly keeping her friend out of the kitchen. When Pearl’s son, Rocky, became engaged to be married, Azura taught his fiance, Crystal, most of her secrets.

Father Jay Blueberry is the Greenbearshire blueberry farmer! He delights in spending time with all growing things, but blueberries are his absolute favorite. During the blueberry harvest, he invites all the villagers to join in the picking. The harvest is followed by a celebration featuring food and music provided by his parents Navy and Azura and everyone goes home happy, full, and with a big barrel of blueberries for each household. Jay and his beloved wife Indigo are always the first couple to begin dancing and the last couple to leave the dance floor!

Indigo Blueberry has been in love with Jay since he began bringing her the best blueberries from his family farm when they were teenagers. They shared their first kiss at the legendary blueberry harvest party and have been inseparable ever since. Indigo is an excellent potter and creates all types of crockery. Each piece is a slightly different shade of blue. Indigo and Azura love to collaborate to create specialty meals to be served on one-of-kind dishware.

Sister, Lapis, is dedicated to the art of jewelry making. Her specialty is creating unique and beautiful designs featuring blue gemstones and rocks. She hopes to one day display her work at the big department store in town. Lapis and her close friend Freya Chocolate love to bake and have created their own signature dessert – a chocolate sundae with blueberry sauce! Her entire family, especially her grandmother, Azura, is very proud!

Brother, Turquoise, is a geographer and rock hunter. He loves finding special stones to bring for his sister to use in her jewelry designs. Someday, he hopes to use his geography knowledge as part of the Sylvanian River Patrol, so he can have adventures just like his grandfather Navy. Turquoise loves rambling and dreams of exploring every inch of Greenbearshire and greater Sylvania, but also plans to eventually join his parents and grandparents in running the family blueberry business.

Baby sister, Teal, is still very young, but she already loves wearing her big sisters jewelry and trying to explore like her big brother. Luckily for her parents, she is still quite small, so they’ve not had to chase her too far – yet! Teal’s favorite hobby is coloring. She uses every shade of blue she can get her paws on!


Wedding Couple Biographies

Lee Blueberry is bouncing around the room with excitement to be marrying his best friend, Viola! Viola is an exceptionally kind-hearted rabbit who is overjoyed to be the wife of Lee, the Sylvanian of her dreams. The happy couple fell in love while following their favorite band, Jerry Jackrabbit's Lovelight Express, all around Sylvania. Their dedication to each other has inspired many a great love song.

Using harvests from the Blueberry family farm, together Lee and Viola create the most delicious and nutritious blueberry teas. All of the concertgoers queue for a cup at each show because they say it gives them extra energy for dancing! Someday, they hope to open their own music venue where they can share their love of music with their friends and family.

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