Bouquet Skunk Family

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Here is the official biography information from the 2010 UK version of the Bouquets :

Father Stilton Bouquet and his wife Rosemary run a pampering business. It does very well because all the Sylvanian ladies adore Stilton, he’s so charming, so debonair. What’s more, he has a wonderful, soft French accent that the ladies think is ‘ever so romantic’.

Mother Rosemary Bouquet is the business brains behind the pampering service, making sure all the clientele are being looked after.

Brother Sage Bouquet also works in the family business cleaning and tidying, but only at weekends and after he has finished all his homework.

Sister Jasmin Bouquet loves perfume and is always trying out all the different brands at the shops. Her dream is to create one of her own perfumes.

Baby twins Parsley and Lavender Bouquet are twins, but you would never know it. Parsley is the most well-behaved baby boy in all Sylvania and never gives his mum Rosemary a moment's worry. Lavender, on the other hand, is simply too mischievous for her own good. One memorable day at the beauty spa Rosemary had turned her back for a second only to find Lavender giving her brother a mud pack facial!

There have been several releases of the Bouquets over the years in Japan and the UK. There's not been any skunks added to the Calico Critters line.

The first version of the Bouquets was a Japanese release, and rather different from the Bouquets that followed. These early skunks are easy to recognize because of their thinner tails, which also have a white stripe. They are extremely difficult to find.

Another release was obtainable only by collecting tokens. Other versions of the Bouquets look almost exactly the skunks you will see in the photos in this entry, which are from the most recent version, released in 2010. Their markings are a bit more distinctive than they had been in the past and they have white spotted noses.

The Bouquets were sold as a family of four, consisting of Stilton (father), Rosemary (mother), Sage (brother), and Jasmin (Sister). The twins were each sold separately.

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Stilton and Rosemary

Sage and Jasmin

Lavender and Parsley
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