Dream Project Owl Family

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Because Japanese Sylvanians do not come pre-named, I’ve created names and personalities for these special owls. Please note that these names and biographies are created by me and are in no way official.

Father, Ted “The Oracle” Delphi, is a very inquisitive owl! If there is a strange noise in the forest or an unidentified set of tracks, Ted is eager to begin investigating. He is fascinated by the unknown and mysterious events. Rumors around the village say that Ted regularly visits with Sasquatch! Ted has also been know to make amazing predictions! He can always foresee which of Pearl Babblebrooks’s pies to avoid (all of them) and when the Wildwoods are about to throw a party (right now!).

Mother, Athena Delphi, was named in honor of her ancestor, who, legend says, was a companion to Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. While her husband Ted tends to believe in the supernatural, Athena’s wisdom and scientific reasoning has saved him from many a difficult situation. Ted and Athena make a great team and with them on the case, no mystery in Sylvania goes unsolved!

Hedwig Delphi is a cheery owlet who loves to deliver messages. When she’s finished relaying all the messages for the day, she’s been known to fly to random houses just to deliver the message that there are no more messages. Hedwig loves fairy tales and stories about magic. When no one is looking, she seeks a branch to use as a wand, just like the characters in her favorite books.

Noctua Delphi is fond of gloomy music, creepy buildings, and ghost stories. She is hoping that next time her parents buy her a jacket, it will be in her new favorite color, Midnight Symphony (which is just the fancy name Cecilia Teak made up for black). Until then, Athena has convinced her red is an ideal color because it matches the lining of Dracula’s cape. Noctua is happiest when she is reading dusty ancient books with her mother or exploring the darkest parts of the forest with her father. She often makes up her own ghost stories and plans to be an author someday.

Larry Owllen Delphi, a.k.a "The Flap" is obsessed with superheros and comic books! He’s already chosen his own superhero name (The Flap) because he tries to flap his wings faster than any other Sylvanian, fast enough to bend time and space! If you need a comic book Larry probably has it in his collection and will be happy to loan it to you, but if you leave any fingerprint markings, you will hear about it later! Together, the three siblings have created a 147 volume epic adventure about a ghost wizard with super powers.

This family is one of three owl families in Sylvania (along with the Treefellows and the Plume Owl Family). All three share the same body molds, but Treefellows are a darker grey, the Plumes are a lighter grey, and the Dream Project owls are the lightest in color. They look very mystical and dramatic! Both the Plumes and Dream Project owls have pinkish markings. The three families wear very similar outfits.

Toy’s Dream Project sets came about after multiple Japanese toy companies (including Tomy, Epoch, and Bandai) joined forces so that gift cards could be used interchangeably among their products. This group, called Toy Card, was formed in 1987. Eventually, these companies branched out into other areas. Notably for Sylvanian collectors, Toy Card created Toy’s Dream Project, which creates limited edition toy sets. Generally, these editions are aimed at adult collectors. Toy’s Dream Project has created several Sylvanian sets, including this owl family.

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