Huckleberry Hound Dog Family

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Father Hubert Alan Huckleberry is a ‘wordsmith’ who loves finding out the meaning of names and new words. He was especially pleased to discover his name means ‘Bright minded’.

Mother Hatty Huckleberry is a very level headed and practical lady who knows what she wants. Hatty means ‘House Ruler’ which is just what she is in the Huckleberry household!

Brother Dennis Huckleberry is strong minded about what he will and will not eat; his diet consists of five things and five things only! Dennis means ‘Belonging to the god of wine’, but his parents think it should have been …the god of whine.

Sister Esme Huckleberry’s name means ‘Beloved’, a suitable name for daddies little sweet heart. Her love of words is only matched by her father’s.

Twin Babies Jethro and Cordelia Huckleberry, are very different little babies. His name means ‘Superiority’, but in fact he is a lovely, quiet little boy. Her name means, ‘Warm-hearted’, but she is always ready to argue.

More photos of the Huckleberry Family can be found on the Greenbearshire blog.

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