Lopez Chihuahua Family

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Official UK Biographies

Father Cesar Lopez is a highly acclaimed wedding planner, known for his unprecedented style and innovation. No detail is too small when planning the most important day for both the bride and the mother of the bride. “It must be a dream come true!” claims Cesar, the flawless professional he is.

Mother Conchita Lopez is the bridal consultant with meticulous organisational skills, dedication, and a love of her work. Her job is to discuss and help the bride-to-be realise her dream wedding, then to consult and plan that special dream day with her husband Cesar.

Brother Pablo Lopez is a little terror; always up to no good! He teases and upsets his sister and all her friends, endlessly chasing them with wriggly spiders and worms.

Sister Laya Lopez would like to be a wedding planner or consultant when she is older, so she spends hours helping her mother and father at work. In the evenings she likes to design and create new ideas for wedding dresses, cakes and flower decorations.

Not pictured:

Joelynda likes to build castles with building blocks. She often builds big castles with her friends at the nursery as well. She likes to stack and play with building blocks so much that by the time her family realise there are blocks everywhere and nowhere to stand in the room. (Standing baby)

Lola & Pepi Lopez are the twin babies of the Lopez family. They are no trouble at all for busy parents Cesar and Conchita and are very, very quiet. All they seem to do is eat and sleep, sleep and eat. They like wearing their favourite red and yellow outfits especially when they are off to a Sylvanian Wedding. (not pictured)

Like most Sylvanian Families, there are multiple versions of this family. They first appeared in Japan. The original Japanese chihuahuas are very recognizable because the mother and the sister have colored ears and do not have facing markings, though the father and brother look similar to later versions. Flair later released the chihuahuas in the UK with gripping hands. In 2014, the Epoch version of the Lopez family became available, this time with flat hands. The Calico Critters version of this family is pictured on this page.

Calico Critters Biography Information

Mother, Carmen is Cloverleaf Corner's top wedding planner! She loves helping critter couples plan their special day. She does everything from finding the perfect wedding dress to picking the tastiest wedding cake!

Father, Cesar is the best wedding photographer in town! He really enjoys capturing all the joy and excitement during these special occasions. The funniest pictures are of critter girls jumping to catch the bride's bouquet!

Sister, Eva loves to read and is incredibly smart! She enjoys trips to her family's Lakeside Lodge, where she can lay in the hammock and read books on science and philosophy. She learns something new everyday!

Brother, Pablo loves playing sports, especially football! He is the quarterback for his school's team the "Cloverleaf Elites". After the team wins a game, which is often, Pablo's father takes them all out to eat yummy burgers and fries at the Burger Cafe.

Pedro spends the day playing with his toy blocks and trains. Lola loves to color with crayons and decorate her pictures with stickers and glitter. (Twin set)

More photos on the Lopez family's Greenbearshire blog entry.

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