Neptune Sea Otter Family

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UK Biography Information

Father Caspian Neptune spends as much time as he can with his family swimming in the sea even during those cold, windswept winter days. After a refreshing swim he enjoys a long walk along the beach looking for 'treasure' - strange bits and pieces the sea has washed up on the golden sands. Caspian has quite a large 'treasure' trove displayed around the family home.

Mother Narrisa Neptune likes everything neat and tidy in her family home and her husband and daughter's 'treasure' collection makes for a lot of extra dusting and cleaning! Narrisa has decided this is a small price to pay for all the family time together on the beach.

Sister Shelly Neptune is a beachcomber like her father. Her love is sea shells of all shapes and sizes. The shell colours are so bright and shiny when they are wet but so dull by the time she has carried them home. So with the help of her father, they varnish the shells to bring out the bright colours, before adding them to her vast shell collection.

Baby Sister Sandy Neptune loves building and knocking down sandcastles and like the rest of her family is also a beach collector, she collects sand! In her clothes, in her hair, between her toes, everywhere!

The Calico Critters version of this family is varies a bit. Each character has a different first name and there is no reference to a surname (they are simply referred to as “Sea Otter Family”). Here is the Calico Critters biography information:

Mother, Jennifer is a famous fashion accessories designer. Father, Kyle teaches all the critter children how to swim. Sister, Lynn absolutely loves collecting sea shells! Baby sister, Maya loves going on vacations with her family, especially when she gets to swim in a baby pool!

The Neptunes were introduced in UK 2013 as one of the last Flair families. There is also an earlier Japanese release and a Calico Critters version of this family. The UK version is pictured on this page.

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