Oinks Pig Family

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Oinks Pig Family - Official Calico Critters Biography Information

Mother Hannah likes to keep the house very tidy and clean. Father Nathan runs the Cloverleaf Corners Corn Farm. He loves to play with his children. Sister Molly likes to make yummy desserts, especially strawberry parfaits. Brother Noah is full of energy and loves playing outside with his friends.

Marcus is very active and loves to run around and play outside all day. Rosie loves to help her mother bake yummy treats. Lisa loves playing with jigsaw puzzles.

The Oinks, a Calico Critters family, are quite similar to the Grunt Pig Family, from the Sylvanian Families range. However, the Oinks have flat hands, while the Grunts have gripping hands. Another difference is the sister's outfits - the Oink's sister's dress is a sky blue but the Grunt's sister's is a bit darker. Each sister comes with a scarf, but the Oinks version is worn at a different angle and is a slightly lighter shade of pink.

The set of triplets show here are from a 2008 Calico Critters limited editon set. In regular Calico Critters version, the triplets wear the basic Sylvanian romper.


The Oinks have an entry on the Greenbearshire blog that includes additional photographs.

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