Pettyfur Guinea Pig Family

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A 2007 Flair UK exclusive, the Pettyfur Guinea Pig family includes a father, mother, brother, sister and two standing babies. The standing babies are not in the photos as I still need to add them to my collection.

The Calico Critters line has a set called Patty and Paden's Double Stroller Set that includes Pettyfur mother Penny and two new sitting babies, Patty and Paden.

Official UK Biography Information

Father Peter Pettyfur is a great ideas man when it comes to saving money. “Turn the lights out and the TV off when you leave the room.” “You only need four inches of bath water.” and “Turn the radiators down; if you're cold, put on a jumper” are just a few of his better ideas!

Mother Penny Pettyfur is a very caring person who sorts out everyone's problems. She has time for all, but no time for silly ideas or arguments, so she agrees with her husband, Peter's, latest wonder plan with a wink and a smile to her children!

Brother Andrew Pettyfur is the hardworking member of the family; he has to be because he aims to keep the peace by implementing his father's money saving ideas. His worst job is washing up as soon as the meal is finished, before what's left on the plates begins to stick and dry…it saves on washing up liquid!

Sister Nicola Pettyfur is the 'saleswoman' of the family which is why she loves her father, Peter's ideas…she sells them to her friends in the school playground. “Give me 50p and I'll tell you how to save £8.75 a year,” gets them everytime!

Baby Brother Simon Pettyfur spends his every waking moment on his toy phone, chatting away about this and that. When Penny, his mother, calls him in for tea, she has to pretend to phone him, otherwise he won't hear her – he's on the phone! (Not pictured)

Baby Sister Lindsay Pettyfur is very loud and boisterous; the nursery is her kingdom and she rules it! Peter, her father, can't even turn a light off in the nursery without her say so! She is also the best at spelling in Nursery School and is always correcting her family. (Not pictured)

Photo of Peter, Penny, Andrew, and Nicola Pettyfur, along with CC Pettyfur sitting babies, Patty and Paden.


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