Plume Owl Family

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Father Seewell Plume is the sage of the Sylvanian Forest, who knows many secrets. He is the font of all knowledge and all the sylvanians flock to him for advice.

Mother Evangeline Plume is versed in the ways of the weather and she can predict rain, wind or snow, weeks in advance. If you are arranging a picnic in Sylvania, it is best to talk to Evangeline before fixing the date.

Triplets Fleur, Dee, and Lee Plume are known collectively as 'the three feathers'. They do everything together and are never seen apart. The three sit together in class and work very hard at all subjects, especially Biology, Sociology and Geology.

The Plume Owls were introduced in 2003, only in the UK. More photos can be found in their Greenbearshire blog entry.

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