Robinson Red Panda Family

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Official UK Biography Information

Father Wilbur Robinson grows some of the best grapes in Sylvania on the sunny slopes, just south of the village. He grows many different varieties, some for the fruit bowl as well as some to make delightful red and white wines, but everyone’s favourite is the one he grows for his wife’s deliciously sweet grape juice.

Mother Fliss Robinson is the one who turns Wilbur’s juicy plump grapes, not only into excellent red and white wines, but she also creates a scrumptious grape juice, which can only be described as ‘the nectar of the gods’!

Sister Frances Robinson wants to be famous for a special drink like her mother, so she spends a lot of time helping Wilbur, her father and Fliss, her mother, in order to learn as much as possible about how the different drinks are made. She is experimenting with a grape juice with mango at the moment and both her parents are proud to help and advise.

Baby Sister Cali Robinson loves the seedless grapes her father grows for fruit salad. She often wonders how he manages to grow grapes without any seeds, after all, you need seeds to grow a vine in the first place! This problem has not put her off the grapes and she would eat them non-stop if she could.

Calico Critters Biography Information

Father, Russell is always very cheerful and happy. He loves going on picnics with his family in the park. He makes the best sandwiches! Mother, Rufina is an amazing baker and makes the most delicious desserts! Her specialties include strawberry shortcake and chocolate mousse pies. Sister, Rowena is very active and loves playing sports. She especially likes playing soccer and is on her school’s team.

There are multiple versions of this family, including a Japanese release (2010), a Flair release (2011), an Epoch release (2016), and a US (Calico Critters) release. For the most part, these versions all look very similar. The major difference is that the Epoch and Calico Critters editions do not come with the standing baby. The Flair version is posted here. The Calico Critters version of this family uses different first names for the mother and sister.

Before being officially named as the Robinsons in the UK, this family was often referred to as the Redwoods - Merlot (Father), Shiraz (Mother), Sherry (Older Sister), and Cranberry (Baby).

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