Trunk Elephant Family

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Official UK Biography Information

Father Hugo Trunk is a lumberjack. He has the important job of keeping Sylvanian clean and tidy and every morning he clears fallen trees from the forest with his strong trunk. One day soon Hugo hopes to build a beautiful log cabin for all his family to live in, but his wife Savannah can’t help but think that this is just wishful thinking on his part! The problem is poor Hugo gets so tired lifting all those heavy trees that each afternoon he has to have a long mud bath and an even longer lie down. “Just you wait and see,” Hugo always says to his wife. “Hugo Trunk never makes a promise that he cannot keep!” In fact Hugo is so confident of his log cabin that he is already thinking of a name for it – problem is he just can’t decide between Trunk Gables or Tusk End!

Mother Savannah Trunk prefers to use her brain rather than her brawn! She has a wonderful memory and, much to the annoyance of her family, never forgets a thing. Of course, this is very good news when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries and things like that. But it can be very bad news when someone has done anything wrong. If a cake has been burnt, a book has been lost or a favourite ornament has been broken, Savannah always remembers the why, the when and the where. But thankfully she is also a very forgiving mother. “Just as long as you learn from your mistakes,” she always tells her children. She just wishes poor Ivor was a little less accident-prone sometimes!

Brother Ivor Trunk desperately wants to be a hockey player when he grows up. He has great stick control and has scored almost twice as many goals as anyone else on the school team. But at the moment he has a bit of a dilemma – his ‘trunk skills’ have improved so much that he also shows great promise in goal. “When I grow up do you think I should play attack or defence?” he asks his father at the end of every game. Hugo simply tells Ivor to be patient and practice as hard as he can. He is very proud of his athletic son, but he can’t help but think that he should still train to be a lumberjack, just in case!

Sister Nellie Trunk hates hockey but loves ballet. Every Saturday morning she goes to ballet class and learns all about pirouettes, plies and grand jetes. Her dance skills are improving every week thanks to all her hard work at the barre. When she grows up Nellie wants to join the Sylvanian National Ballet and perform in front of all her family and friends. The ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ is her favourite role and she practices the difficult steps every chance she gets. She wears a beautiful pink tutu and satin ballet slippers, but only when her sports mad brother is not around!

Twin babies Peanut and Nana Trunk are too small to help their father in the forest at the moment. They don’t mind though, as long as they’ve got a paddling pool to play in and some sticky buns to eat, they’re quite happy!

In the Calico Critters line, the Trunks have been renamed as the Ellwoods and the family members have different first names.

Official Calico Critters Biography Information

Mother Ella is a famous children’s book author. Father Edwin is a doctor specializing in children’s medicine. He likes to spend a lot of his time with his family. Brother Elliot enjoys playing football and soccer and is a great athlete. Sister Eliza loves to compete in beauty pageants and wants to be a super famous model.

Ellie is very sweet, caring and loving. She always wants to be around her family, especially her brothers and sister. Evan is just a little ball of energy. He jumps out of his crib in the morning and is crawling around the house and outside all day.

The Trunks were a 2010 Flair release. Calico Critters has included the Trunks in their US line, but, as they often do, changed their names. There is a family of four, the set of twins, and a standing baby. The standing baby was a European only release and is not pictured on this page. Mr. Trunk is wearing an outfit that appears to be inspired by Babar the Elephant! More photos are posted in the Trunks' Greenbearshire blog entry.

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