Waddlington Duck Family

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Official UK Biography Information

Mayor Bill Waddlington is a chap who likes to get things done. His acceptance speech lasted for over an hour and a half, in which he laid out his grand plan for Sylvania. ''We will build an extension to the Cottage Hospital, improve the roads and double the frequency of the Sylvanian Bus,'' he proclaimed. He went on in some detail as to how this was not only needed, but was affordable if everyone pulled together and helped with the work. Some in the audience thought in the time they had stood there listening to Bill, they could not only have completed the proposed extension, but repaired all the roads too! Not that anyone would have said anything, because they all knew Bill would have fluffed up his chest feathers and got very upset! He simply hates what he calls 'time wasting'. That's why he's always in a rush. ''Life is for doing not watching,'' he often says. It seems that life is also for shining the mayor's golden chain of office that hangs around his neck – of which he is very proud. It is rumoured that he even goes to bed wearing it!

Mayoress Wanda Waddlington also runs the Sylvanian delivery service called 'Flyte Path' whose motto is ''one ring and we're on the wing''. She is an excellent businesswoman, and although she doesn't rush about as much as her husband, she seems to get much more done! The belief in Sylvania that Wanda advises Bill on what needs to be done as well as writing all his speeches, seems a little far fetched when she has a house, three children, a busy business to run as well as the responsibilities of her own high office to conduct. She is very organised, she has to be, so that she can do what she loves best, and that is teaching her three wonderful children to swim, dance and play the piano. All three children took to swimming at once, the dancing is a bit of a problem as all three seem to have two left feet and the piano lessons are not much better than the dancing lessons. It is lucky that Wanda is not only hardworking, resourceful and organised, but also a great optimist.

Brother Quiller Waddlington is such a serious little boy! Clearly he must think very hard about everything because he frowns a lot. Indeed, Quiller can already write his name. His mother secretly thinks that her little son might grow up to be a famous writer like William Duckface, the famous Sylvanian playwright who wrote those unforgettable lines ''to quack, or not to quack''.

Brother Sebastian Waddlington is already just like his father. He is always in a hurry (even on his potty, which can be a bit worrying!) And, when he is not organising his toys in neat rows, he will be organising his brother and sister – telling them what to do and when to do it. If his mother is not looking he can be sen strutting around with her Chain of Office round his shoulders. He was once caught eyeing his father's gold chain and was warned off by the growl of ''Don't even think about it!'' which came from an angry looking Bill.

Sister Jemima Waddlington is a daydreamer! She lives in a little world of her own and when she is not daydreaming you can be sure that she will be curled up fast asleep in some snug spot. Not surprisingly, Jemima loves fairy stories read to her in bed by her mother…Especially the one about the beautiful princess who sleeps for a hundred years!

The Waddlingtons are one of three duck families in the Sylvanian Families world (along with the Puddleford Duck family and the Dream Project Duck family). In 1997, Tomy introduced the Waddlingtons as a UK exclusive. The Flair version arrived in 2005. There is also a baby carry case that includes a duckling in an eggshell pram!

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