Yule Rabbit Family (Custom)

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The Yule Rabbits are a custom made family, created by painting pre-loved Chocolate rabbits. This is not an official family.

Holly and Pine fell in love on Christmas Eve, and to this day, they each wear a sprig of holly, both to celebrate the holiday and to commemorate their first meeting.

Their family has since grown to include their son Claus, his wife, Merry, and their children: Ivy, Nicholas, Frost, Noel, and Rudolf.

Pine loves making up spirited new dances and spinning his wife about the dance floor. Holly is a gifted storyteller and loves sharing the old Sylvanian legends, especially with her grand bunnies.

She and Pine always have the brightest, merriest, warmest, most welcoming house, particularly in the winter months. The couple has a gift and a tasty dinner for everyone that they meet. Like the evergreen plants that they are named for, they bring good cheer and happiness even in the darkest winter days.

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